Cheap Magnesium Oil and Where to Get It

Have you been hearing a lot about magnesium oil benefits? Most people know the power that magnesium has to offer. Magnesium is a mineral that has many benefits to the body.

However, when magnesium is taken orally, the majority of the magnesium pill is not absorbed, or it just goes straight through to the intestines and makes you have loose stools.

Magnesium oil is absorbed topically. This means that the magnesium is absorbed through the skin effectively bypassing the digestive system.

With the oil form, it is transdermal which means that is absorbed into the skin and the body’s cells and bloodstream.

What is Magnesium Oil

Magnesium oil is not really an oil per se. Magnesium oil is derived from water and magnesium chloride flakes. The flakes are simply mixed in with water.

There are some people who use magnesium oil with magnesium sulfate as well. They simply mix magnesium sulfate in with water. It is out into a spray bottle and simply applied to the skin.

Where Do You Apply Magnesium Oil?

The magnesium oil is applied anywhere on the skin. However, when I use magnesium oil, I apply it to my feet. I usually apply about 5 sprays of the magnesium oil to my feet daily and I rub the oil in my skin.

However, you can apply it anywhere on the skin. In fact, some people apply it to their joints and muscles. I have had people to say the pain was decreased in 5 minutes.

Magnesium Oil Benefits

There are many magnesium oil benefits that need to be looked at and some you may not have been aware of.

This oil contains many trace minerals and is highly concentrated.  It can reduce pain in muscles and joints which is excellent for those with fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Muscle Spasms

Magnesium oil can also increase your energy levels during the day. Those that suffer from muscle spasms can find great relief with the oil because magnesium helps to relax muscles and that will keep the spasming to a minimal or stop them completely.


Your skin will also see the magnesium oil benefits because it helps those that have problems with dry skin.

It removes the old skin cells to promote new cell growth that is more balanced and less dry. It helps the lymphatic system since it will stimulate blood flow, which gets everything moving in the right direction.

Hair Loss

If you suffer from hair loss, it could very well be due to low magnesium levels. Therefore, magnesium oil benefits those that are losing hair, which can be useful for both men and women.

The oil can be applied to the scalp or the areas where you see the hair loss occurring. However, putting it anywhere on your skin and allowing it to absorb will get the same benefits for your hair, skin, muscle relaxation, and aches and pains.

There are many beneficial uses to the oil that taking it orally just does not offer. If you have taken it orally in the past and felt no difference, try the magnesium oil, you will find that it is much more effective.


Any kind of magnesium is known to decrease anxiety and stress. The adrenals play a role in the hormones that cause stress and anxiety.  The adrenals absolutely love magnesium.

Magnesium has also been known to cure depression. In fact, there are some people who have stopped taking their depression medications once they started taking magnesium.

To learn the signs of magnesium deficiency, go to this link.

Side Effects of Magnesium Oil

The only known side effect of magnesium oil is that sometimes the oil can cause irritation and itching to the skin.



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