Awesome Gifts For Nurses!

1. Shoes For Nurses

Good shoes are a must for nurses!! There have been times I have walked over 17,000 steps doing a 12-hour shift. Nurses need shoes that are not only comfortable but they have to provide support.

Shoes for nurses. Best shoes for male nurses, best shoes for female nurses 

Nurses also like style and fashion. Nurses’ shoes must also be waterproof because nurses commonly get spills on their shoes. 

Nurses’ shoes must provide support for the back. Nurses do quite a bit of lifting.  Here is a list of shoes that are awesome for nurses:


Nurse Mates


New Balance

2. Stethoscopes

A good stethoscope is a must.  All stethoscopes are not the same. When you are a nurse, you must be able to differentiate between the different lung sounds.

A nurse needs to know if a patient has wheezing sounds in their lungs, or if the patient has fluid in his lungs, those sounds are quite different, a good stethoscope will be able to differentiate between those two sounds.

Cardiac nurses especially need a good stethoscope to differentiate the different heart sounds.
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A good stethoscope will be very comfortable around your neck, and earpieces will fit perfectly in your ears.

If you are a nurse and you work in the intensive care units or if you are a cardiac nurse a good stethoscope is mandatory.

Here are a list of excellent stethoscopes:


MDF Stethoscopes


3. Support Stockings

Nurses are known to run up and down the halls all day long. Most of the floors are made of cement. Standing for long periods of time calls nurses to have joint problems, tendon problems, and back problems.

Support stockings, also known as compression stockings, prevents nurses from getting varicose veins.



Healing Heart Disease Naturally (HHDN)