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Vaping and the dangers to the lungs

Vaping and Heart Problems

There has been a rapid rise of e-cigarettes. According to the University of Pennsylvania, Vaping means using an electronic cigarette (e–cigarette) or other vaping device. … Therefore, they may think vaping is less dangerous than using other tobacco products, such as cigarettes. The amount of nicotine in the liquid can be the same or even more than the amount found in cigarettes. As we can see in the news, vaping is…

Cheap wound care supplies near me.

Wound Care Supplies Near Me

As a wound care nurse, one of the biggest challenges I see is when patients need wound care supplies but they are unable to get them. Often times people Google ” medical supplies near me”. Sometimes there are no medical supplies near your location. In this article, I will go over how to get medical supplies delivered straight to your…

DASH to help high blood pressure

Best Magnesium For Sleep

Magnesium is the best! Magnesium is involved in over 300 chemical reactions in the body. In this article we will discuss what magnesium is and the best time to take magnesium. Magnesium Supplements For Sleep? Magnesium is a mineral that is involved in so many body processes. The parts of the brain which are the pituitary and the hypothalamus need…

The best stethoscope for nurses

Best Stethoscope For Nurses

Best Stethoscope For Nurses One of the most useful pieces of equipment that a nurse needs is the stethoscope. Nurses are immediately able to detect abnormal heart and lung sounds with a good stethoscope. This is the best stethoscope for critical care and trauma nurses. There are many diseases or disorders that can be detected with a stethoscope. Every stethoscope…

Congestive heart failure stages, congestive heart failure life expectancy, what is congestive heart failure

Congestive Heart Failure Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors and Treatment

Congestive Heart Failure Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, and Treatment Statistics of CHF Approximately 5 million Americans living with congestive heart failure (CHF). There are 600,000 new cases diagnosed every year. Congestive heart failure affects everyone from children to the elderly. As a cardiac nurse, CHF is one of the most frequent causes of admissions and re-admissions. Today, the lifespan of…

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