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Chamomile tea, chamomile benefits, chamomile

7 Amazing Chamomile Benefits

Chamomile is an ancient drug that has a multitude of health benefits.  Chamomile is used for sinus problems, muscle pain, menstrual problems, inflammation, ulcers, wounds, insomnia, stomach problems, arthritis pain, and hemorrhoids. The chamomile essential oils are used for cosmetics and aromatherapy. Herbs have been used by humans dating back over 5000 years. Herbs are popular because they work slowly, and they have…

Hiw to naturally lower cholesterol

6 Ways to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Lower Cholesterol Naturally What is cholesterol? According to Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, cholesterol is “the most abundant steroid in animal tissues, especially in bile and gall stones, and present in food, especially rich in animal fats, circulates in plasma complexes to proteins of various densities and plays an important role in the forming of plaque formation in arteries”. This article will…

Vaping causes lung and heart dosease.Vaping and the dangers to the lungs

Vaping Causes Lung and Heart Disease

There has been a rapid rise of e-cigarettes. According to the University of Pennsylvania, Vaping means using an electronic cigarette (e–cigarette) or other vaping devices. … Therefore, they may think vaping is less dangerous than using other tobacco products, such as cigarettes. The amount of nicotine in the liquid can be the same or even more than the amount found in cigarettes. People are getting sick and dying. Vaping…

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