Motherwort Herb Health Benefits

Motherwort tincture is an herbal medicine that is made by dissolving extracts from the motherwort plant in alcohol.  The resulting product is sold as herbal medicine or as a dietary supplement and is available as a loose-leaf tea, as a tincture (concentrated liquid), capsule, tablets, or by injection. In this article, I will discuss motherwort herb health benefits.

Motherwort has a bitter taste, and therefore when sold as a tea, it is normally flavored to mask this bitter taste.

Motherwort Herb Health Benefits

Motherwort Herb Health Benefits

Motherwort has been used for thousands of years to treat various conditions. It is used for heart conditions, including high blood pressure, heart failure, irregular heartbeat, and fast heartbeat.

Motherwort as a Female Herb

Motherwort is used to prevent or reduce bleeding in women after they deliver a baby, especially through  Cesarean section (C-section).

Some research shows that a healthcare professional injecting motherwort into the woman’s muscles can reduce blood loss during surgery. Research also shows that better results are obtained when motherwort is used with other medicines, such as oxytocin or carboprost.

Motherwort may stimulate blood flow in the uterus. For this reason, some women use it to start their periods or to treat and irregular menstruation.

For the same reason, motherwort is not recommended for women with excessive bleeding because it may make the condition worse.

Motherwort also stimulates uterine contractions and is therefore not recommended for pregnant women, because it might cause a miscarriage.

Motherwort can also reduce inflammation and has antioxidant and antibacterial effects. It also provides pain relief.

Some studies suggest that taking a motherwort tincture by mouth for about 10 days can decrease anxiety.

Some studies have shown that taking a motherwort extract orally for four weeks can decrease blood pressure in people with untreated high blood pressure.

Relationship Between Anxiety and Blood Pressure

When you have anxiety, stress hormones are released in the body. These hormones cause an increase in your heart rate and a narrowing of your blood vessels.

Both of these changes cause an increase in your blood pressure. This increase in blood pressure can be dramatic.

However, when your stress goes away, your blood pressure returns to normal. It should be noted that frequent, temporary spikes in blood pressure can damage your blood vessels, heart, and kidneys in much the same way as long-term high blood pressure.

motherwort plant health benefits

Motherwort Tincture and Blood Pressure

From the above, we can see that motherwort tincture helps against blood pressure and associated harm in three ways.

First, by helping relieve anxiety and reducing the occurrence of temporary (though still harmful) high blood pressure, and secondly, by actually reducing blood pressure itself directly.

There is some research that shows a link between anxiety and an increased risk of hypertension. In other words, people with frequent anxiety are more likely to develop high blood pressure.

Therefore, a third way that motherwort helps combat or prevent high blood pressure in the long term is by reducing the anxiety that increases its risk.

In conclusion, if you suffer from any of the conditions that motherwort helps to manage, discuss with your healthcare provider the possibilities of using motherwort.

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  1. Hello Phyllis; My name is harry- I had a heart attact December of 2020, had ( 2 ) bypass. I’m doing fine and Very Blessed. I have / as to taking motherwort instead of Metoprolol Tartrate 100mg morning50 mg nightly. I was taking 200mg daily- morning and night.

    The cardiolgist changed the dosage last November, he stated I needed to lower-he is the one giving the high amount. My heart had gotten out of synce, rapid beat. All is well now again I say I’m very Blessed, I THANK JESUS CHRIST!

    I would rather be using Motherwort if Possiable, I wanted to contact you for you Professional Input & reccomendation . Thank you so very much for allowing me to Contact you concerning my condition.
    Jesus Christ Bless you



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