Coconut Oil Benefits: Is Coconut Oil Good or Bad for Cholesterol?


Coconut Oil Benefits

Coconut Oil Benefits: Is Coconut Oil Good or Bad for Cholesterol?


coconut oil and cholesterol
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Coconut oil has received a bad reputation over the years. The fat industry wrongly classified all saturated fat as harmful. .Coconut oil contains medium -chain fatty acids that are beneficial to the cardiovascular system. There has been a plethora of research that there is evidence that coconut oil has great benefits. I will discuss some of these research trials.Coconut Oil Benefits: Is Coconut Oil Good or Bad for Cholesterol?

   In fact, saturated fats are all considered to play a role in heart disease. This is a big myth. The culprit in heart disease is sugar and grains. I have used extra virgin coconut oil for years. My triglycerides and HDL have always been normal.  I have used coconut to offer various Problems.

coconut oil reduces cholesterol
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For example, I used to have eczema. Are used coconut oil once a day for two weeks and it totally went away. Of course, I also changed my diet from a majority carbohydrate diet to a majority good fats and protein. I have used virgin coconut oil as a toothpaste, and for oil pulling. This oil leaves the teeth pretty and white, with no plaque.

   Coconut oil is thought to have these benefits because it is antibacterial, antiviral, and antiparasitic. Laurie acid is thought to be the ingredient that makes coconut oil have so many health benefits.


Coconut Oil Benefits: Research Trials  on Lipid cholesterol Levels

coconut oil and cholesterol
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There are several trials that were done. The first trial I will talk about was to assess the benefits of coconut oil in lipid levels. Evidence suggests that consumption of coconut flesh or squeezed coconut in the context of traditional dietary patterns does not lead to adverse cardiovascular outcomes. However, it was noted that these findings were observed in people who did not follow the typical standard American diet.Coconut Oil Benefits: Is Coconut Oil Good or Bad for Cholesterol?

Another study was done to assess the effects of coconut oil on lipid levels. A longitudinal study was done on 118 adults with coronary artery disease. The subjects were first started on an intensive nutritional treatment. Then they were divided into two groups. One group consumed extra virgin coconut oil, and the other group was just nutritional intervention without coconut oil.

The two groups had monthly body mass index measurements, blood pressure measures, cholesterol measures, and HbA1c levels. The levels were compared to the beginning of the study and the end of the study. The average age of the subjects was 63 and their diagnosis included angina, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.  In the controlled group that uses extra virgin oil, there was a reduction in body mass and an increase in HDL concentrations.


Coconut Oil Benefits: Other Disorders

    • Coronary artery disease – Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties; therefore, it increases HDl.
    • Hypertension- It is not known how coconut oil decreases blood pressure. It is probably the anti-inflammatory properties. We all know that inflammation can cause high blood pressure.
    • High Cholesterol high triglycerides – Coconut oil is medium length and this affects how the various fatty acids react in the body. Lauric acid, for example, decreases LDL cholesterol levels and increases HDl.
    • Thrush and candida  – Coconut oil have antiviral properties.
    • Alzheimer’s disease – There is exciting evidence that coconut oil with its medium chain fatty acids has a direct effect on cognition. There is actually
  • Colds and flu- Coconut oil has antiviral properties.
  • Hair and skin careCoconut oil is a good source of Vitamin E.


Coconut Oil Benefits: Evidence

      There is credible evidence that extra virgin coconut oil has numerous health benefits.The benefits for cardiovascular disease are amazing. In fact, there are pharmaceutical companies whose scientist’s are exploring ways right now to incorporate coconut oil into medications. The coconut oil that has been studied is the extra virgin coconut oil. Several companies harvest coconut oil, but you need to make sure the oil is extra virgin, and the company is reputable.

Coconut Oil and Side Effects

The only side effect noted in the literature is that sometimes people will have loose stools if they intake too much in one sitting. Some people are also allergic to coconut.

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