Are Ingrown Toenails a Sign of Heart Disease

Heart disease kills 1 in 4 Americans. There are all kinds of organizations to help spread awareness. Therefore, people have so many questions about the causes of heart disease, and how to prevent heart disease. One frequent question I hear is, “Are ingrown toenails a sign of heart disease.

Are Ingrown Toenails a Sign of Heart Disease

Ingrown toenails are very common. This painful disorder affects almost 3 million Americans a year.

An ingrown toenail occurs when a corner of the toenail starts to grow into the flesh. This can also happen with fingernails. This causes inflammation and sometimes infection.

Ingrown toenails usually affects teens and young adults.

Causes of Ingrown Toenails

The most common cause of ingrown toenails are improper cutting of the nail.

Other causes are improper fitting shoes, bad foot hygiene, trauma, and even some medications. Therefore, ingrown toenails are not a sign of heart disease.

Are Ingrown Toenails a Sign of Heart Disease?

Heart Disease Causes

An ingrown toenail is not a sign of heart disease. Heart disease is any disorder that affects the heart. Such as:

Congestive heart failure
Coronary artery disease
Congenital heart disease


If you have an ingrown toenail, it is best to see a Podiatrist. However, if you have signs and symptoms of heart disease, you need to see a doctor immediately.


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