COVID-19: Facts Vs. Myths

Every continent has been affected by COVID-10 except Antarctica. Since the first cases were discovered in Wuhan, China the virus has spread to all continents. In this article, I will show you some evidence-based ways to protect yourself from COVID-19 and some myths that are spreading like wildfire.

Coronavirus or COVID-19 Facts and Myths?

In some countries, this virus has created an epidemic. The World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic. A pandemic is a global outbreak of a disease. Here are some facts and myths about COVID disease.

Cold Weather and Snow Cannot kill the New Coronavirus

From all of the evidence, CIVID-19 can be transmitted in all areas, including areas with humid and hot weather. Therefore, if you are traveling to any area regardless of the climate, take standard precautions to prevent you from contracting the virus.

In America, the flu season is from October to April and that is when the flu shot is available.

Taking a Hot Shower Does Not Prevent the COVID disease

Taking a hot shower will not prevent you from catching the coronavirus. Even when you take a hot shower or bath, your core body temperature will remain around 36- 37.1 Celcius.

According to the World Health Organization, the temperature required to kill most viruses are 140-150 degrees Fahrenheit.

The fact of the matter is that a hot shower will not kill COVID-19.

Can the Virus be Transmitted by Bug Bites?

To date, there is no evidence or case that suggests that the virus can be transmitted by any nug bites. COVID-19 is a respiratory virus that is spread through droplets when an infected person sneezes or coughs.

Avoid contact with a person who has cold-like symptoms.

The fact of the matter is that COVID is not transmitted by bug bites.

Can Heat Scanners or Thermal Scanners Detect People Infected With Covid?

Heat scanners can detect people who have a fever. However, heat scanners cannot detect anyone with the COVID virus. The only way to know if you have COVID is to be tested by a qualified health provider.

Does thermal scanners kill covid 19?

Can Alcohol Kill the Virus?

Alcohol does not kill the virus once it has already entered your body. In fact, spraying alcohol substances on your mucus membranes can be harmful. However, you can use alcohol to disinfect surfaces.

The Centers for Disease Control recommend using bleach. Here is a list of products the EPA recommends to kill the virus.

Can the Flu Vaccine or the Pneumonia Vaccine Protect You Against COVID?

The flu vaccine or the pneumonia vaccine does not protect you from this novel virus. In fact, there is no treatment for the COVID virus. We certainly have treatments for the symptoms such as Tylenol for the fever, hydration for the dehydration, and decongestants for the cough.

We also have the flu shot and Tamiflu to help treat the flu. The virus is new, therefore it needs its own vaccine.

The flu vaccine does not cover COVID.


The COVID-19 myths are not helping with this outbreak. Please listen to the health professionals and the Centers for Disease Control recommendations.

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