Husband’s Journey of Healing From Congestive Heart Failure

Testimonial: In November 2020, my husband he was admitted to the hospital with atrial fibrillation and diagnosed with severe left ventricular systolic dysfunction due to severe global hypokinesis with estimated left ventricular ejection fraction of approximately 20 to 25% as measured by a heart catheter.

He also had a cardio version to get his heart back into rhythm, but it didn’t hold. Mild stenosis was found in the middle third of the LAD, but no stents were needed. We were told that his severe sleep apnea led to the atrial fibrillation, and that led to the congestive heart failure. I had already been researching for my own heart journey and knew the importance of vitamin C, magnesium, D3, zinc, COQ10, vitamin E but of course he wouldn’t listen to me.

At his first check up with the congestive heart failure APRN specialist, I asked her what she recommended for the virus and she said vitamin C, D3, zinc, and he needed to be on a B complex. I said that’s awesome, how about magnesium. She proceeded to tell me that he wasn’t magnesium deficient.

I asked her if an RBC blood test was done since that’s the only way to test for a magnesium deficiency since magnesium is found in your muscle tissue and in your heart. She looked at me like I had grown three heads and said he wasn’t magnesium deficient on a regular blood test.

He started taking those supplements, and secretly I started putting magnesium powder in his drink at supper because he wasn’t going to take anything that his doctor didn’t tell him too. So then he had an appointment with the electrophysiologist APRN and she was wanting to do an ablation, which he declined.

He had a sleep study done, and he started using a CPAP machine which helped. He started eating better than he was and stopped drinking beer. The second congestive heart failure specialist appt and I asked about COQ10. She said that would be great. Awesome!! So he started that along with his heart meds, Eliquis, potassium chloride, amiodarone , furosemide and carvedilol which they kept increasing from 6.25 to eventually 24 mg. Every time they increased that he got gout really bad. I started researching food that would be good for gout and settled on pineapples. I bought a juicer and I juiced us a half pineapple with two apples daily and remember I’m still putting that magnesium powder in that juice🤣.

Somewhere in this timeframe he had another cardio version done and this time it stayed in rhythm. I bought him a portable EKG to monitor his heart rhythm.

In April 2021 he had an echo done, and his ejection fraction was 40 to 45 which his cardio said, well you don’t even qualify for a pacemaker. Not that’s awesome, I’m so glad it has improved. I lost all respect I had for that cardio that day. He was strictly going by the protocol given to him for congestive heart failure. I could see it plain as day.

I’m still researching. I buy old, new, alternative health books and came across the information about a thiamine deficiency causing congestive heart failure and do you know what depletes your body of thiamine? Yes, alcohol among other things. A thiamine deficiency is Beriberi. They are renaming diseases!! This old nutrition book said they were curing CHF with thiamine, so he started taking an extra 100 mg of thiamine, increased his vitamin C to 2000 mg morning and night, added lysine, along with zinc, D3, B complex 100 ,COQ10 and magnesium.

Then I visited with an alternative medical doctor, and she told me to have him stop the amiodarone, and he needed RiboseCardio which she had in powdered form. He stopped taking the med and added the Ribosecardio.

He had a echo done in February 2022 and his heart is now 50 to 55 with the following statements on his summary:

Left ventricular ejection fraction is 50 to 55

Normal global left ventricular systolic function

Impaired relaxation of LV diastolic

Mild concentric left ventricular hypertrophy

Normal RV systolic function

Mildly dilated left atrium

Mild mitral valve regurgitation.

We were so excited to get this report. Let me also mention that we eat fresh. Lots and lots of fruits and vegetables, grass fed meat, cage free eggs, plus I juice that pineapple/apple every day for us. I sincerely pray that this gives people hope bc I’m a firm believer that our bodies are designed to heal.


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