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How Long Does Nicotine Stay in Your System ?

How Long Does Nicotine Stay in Your System? Nicotine is a substance most ingested through smoking tobacco products. In this article, we will examine how long nicotine stays in the body, how labs test for its presence in the body, and what can be done to clean it out faster. What is Nicotine? Nicotine is a chemical made by several…

What is Normal Blood Pressure?

Normal Blood Pressure In this article, we will look at what normal blood pressure is, why we should aim to maintain healthy blood pressure, and what we can do to avoid high or low blood pressure. To properly understand these issues, we first need to know a few basic things about blood pressure. What is blood pressure? Blood pressure is…

Nursing Certification For New Nurses

As a nursing student you have finally graduated! All of the years of tears and sweat are over. You can’t wait to walk across the stage and get your diploma. This article will discuss nursing certification for new nurses. Nursing Certifications For New Nurses I get it! I have been a nurse for a little over 30 years. In fact,…

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