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Vitamin D and Vitamin K

M.G.- Today I mentioned to my cardiologist that I was taking Vitamin D3, Vitamin k (K1, K2, MK7), and Magnesium, in the hopes that it will stop progression or reverse my coronary calcium score. My score is over 1100, so you can see that I am quite concerned on how to treat this. I asked him what he thought about taking those supplements.
He responded by stating "Don't you think if that were true then it would have been on the front page of the NY Times already?”He said that it won't hurt by taking them. Then he went on by saying that statins may halt progression but there aren't enough studies.
So I guess in the cardiologist's minds once you have a high CAC score you are doomed. His recommendations are low cholesterol and low sodium diet and exercise, Statins and Beta-Blockers.
In my opinion, if the supplements can't hurt, I'm still going to take them, along with his prescribed meds and my exercise and LCHF diet.
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