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Struggling With High Blood Pressure

I have been battling high blood pressure for sometime. I refuse to get on medication. I am overweight and have been consistently been working out since July and got no results. It's like my body held on to the fat, I retained water, and I felt defeated. So I I joined a weight accountability group and have seen a shift in my weight, but my blood pressure is still elevated. If I'm doing all the things - eating healthier, exercising, water(I do have to work on drinking more water), my bp this morning is 137/101.
I do stress and working on that, but it's hard because I am an empty nester and divorced and being alone is hard on me. On top of that, I am constipated even after eating more fruits and veggies which makes no sense. I haven't had a good bowel movement for a couple of weeks.
I am frustrated because when I desire to do right, my body is slow to respond but when I did wrong, ate whatever and not exercised, I wasn't constipated for instance.
What advice do you have for me? How can I get my bp down naturally and quickly?

For the constipation I use All bran cereals from Kellogs and prune juice ( I buy it in natural and herb shops) be careful try half glass to start!!

To lower BP, have you checked your sleep? I have apnea and just using my CPAP machine decreases my BP.

I have not tried it but infusion of olive leafs it is suppoused to reduce it.

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